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Aluminium windows

Windows by Wise has a range of aluminium windows that are a great option for almost any property. Our team has supplied and installed windows throughout Southampton, Winchester, Eastleigh, Romsey, Bishop’s Waltham, Lyndhurst, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today for more information.

Sustainable and energy efficient

Many people are surprised by just how sustainable aluminium is as a building material. Unlike some recycled materials, recycled aluminium loses none of the properties that make aluminium such a useful material for construction. In addition to this, it takes just a fraction of the energy to produce recycled aluminium compared to primary aluminium. 
Modern aluminium windows are also remarkably energy efficient, making them a great choice if you’re concerned about reducing your energy consumption. By using less energy, you’ll lower your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time, making this a great, sustainable choice. If you’d like to find out more, contact the Windows by Wise team today.

large aluminium windows
aluminium windows in building

Some benefits of aluminium windows

Aluminium windows are one of the more expensive options, but we firmly believe that they’re worth the money! Available in any RAL colour, aluminium windows are aesthetically pleasing, and can be manufactured with a timber sub frame, which gives a touch of classic styling to a modern design. They also offer slim profiles for uninterrupted sight lines. 
Aluminium windows are almost maintenance-free, and they meet the highest standards when it comes to resisting water infiltration. They’re an excellent choice when you want the very best windows on the market. To discuss the benefits of aluminium windows, get in touch today.

row of large aluminium windows

What is thermal breaking?

Thermal breaking is a clever construction trick that enables us to make aluminium windows that are very thermally efficient. Aluminium itself is a very efficient conductor of heat, which doesn’t lead to good thermal insulation, but modern materials technology and construction methods have the answer! Thermal breaking involves using a layer of another material within the frame, breaking the aluminium to aluminium contact between inside and outside. This intervening layer acts as an insulator, and enables your new aluminium windows to keep the heat in.

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Exterior Of House With Conservatory And Patio


If you’d like to find out more about our aluminium windows, please get in touch with Windows by Wise. We’ve installed windows across Southampton and beyond.
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